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  • Good Excuse Goal:Lose 10 Pounds

    30 Day Do It: Maintain weight watchers diet and exercise 5 days per week

  • Good Excuse Goal:broaden my knowledge and ideas

    30 Day Do It: watch at least one ted talk per day

  • Good Excuse Goal:Get fit!

    30 Day Do It: Work out for at least 30 minutes a day for 30 Days

  • Good Excuse Goal:Complete the MVMT Goal setting Guide

    30 Day Do It: Invest 1/4 Hr daily

  • Good Excuse Goal:Get my Driver's Licence

    30 Day Do It: Learn from the manual daily and take the test by May 9th.

  • Good Excuse Goal:No More disctractions

    30 Day Do It: Eliminate all distractions sources, "More Chi, Train Harder!"

  • Good Excuse Goal:To have a better handle on my time.

    30 Day Do It: Every night, before bed, to write down a narrative of what I've done with my day, including times to the best of my memory.

  • Good Excuse Goal:Be on the Dean's List

    30 Day Do It: Get Scholarships

  • Good Excuse Goal:For 7 days, do Kung Fu the whole book

    30 Day Do It: More chi to my 1 year anniversary in Martial Arts

  • Good Excuse Goal:Save at least 3 months $ tuition for Kung fu I am going back to train.

    30 Day Do It: Save $20 / pay

  • Good Excuse Goal:Get my mom her house in NYC

    30 Day Do It: $ave $200,000. Save 30% of net pay every time.

  • Good Excuse Goal:Save $ for 3 months for kung fu training

    30 Day Do It: $360. Save $120 / month

  • Good Excuse Goal:Save $748 for 2013

    30 Day Do It: Add $748 in savings on December 31 of 2013.

  • Good Excuse Goal:Stuff i have to do daily can't exceed 3 hours

    30 Day Do It: Shower, eat, pray, kung fu, getting ready... those things are 3 hrs daily

  • Good Excuse Goal:Save next pay for kung fu.

    30 Day Do It: You can, you hate training alone. Save and go train with others! :)

  • Good Excuse Goal:I want my thoughts and my actions to match

    30 Day Do It: Am I congruent everywhere in my life?

  • Good Excuse Goal:To get rid of some of my excess stuff

    30 Day Do It: This month, each of you must get rid of one thing on the first day of the month. On the second, two things. Three items on the third. So forth, and so on. Anything can go! Clothes, furniture, electronics, tools, decorations, etc. Donate, sell, or tra

  • Good Excuse Goal:To learn how to be grateful everyday, about the small things

    30 Day Do It: One photo and short sentence with some gratefulness everyday.

  • Good Excuse Goal:Trow away 10 items daily

    30 Day Do It: Clear my room!

  • Good Excuse Goal:Pay all debt then go to USA Shaolin Temple. Suck it up and train alone, prepare for level 2

    30 Day Do It: Pay debt and get ready for level 2, practice daily. Life is a pain, get used to it!

  • Good Excuse Goal:Typing do the same exercise for a month for 15 minutes.

    30 Day Do It: Type for 15 minutes daily. No matter what.

  • Good Excuse Goal:Read automotive terms

    30 Day Do It: Automotive terms


  • Good Excuse Goal:Test

    30 Day Do It: Test

  • Good Excuse Goal:Obtain worldly knowledge

    30 Day Do It: Read the Wall Street Journal Everyday

  • Good Excuse Goal:Be MS Project Trainer

    30 Day Do It: Prepare for your training session on 13/03/12

  • Good Excuse Goal:"You can do it this month." Get my Licence

    30 Day Do It: Get my Driver's Licence NOW

  • Good Excuse Goal:Land a new job

    30 Day Do It: Conduct 3 informational interviews

  • Good Excuse Goal:$100 fine of "not successful" goals to my list of donations

    30 Day Do It: anywhere, I have 1 year

  • Good Excuse Goal:Pay off family debts start from smallest to largest.

    30 Day Do It: $50 bi-weekly

  • Good Excuse Goal:Don't buy any food or take cabs even when late.

    30 Day Do It: do work early, sleep early to be early and pack your food to be on time and save $.


  • Good Excuse Goal:Impact a million college students' lives

    30 Day Do It: Successfully launch my book by creating a sales & marketing plan, editing and printing the first run

  • Good Excuse Goal:Sell 500 books

    30 Day Do It: Identify & call 10 potential partners and begin mass marketing campaign on April 2nd


  • Good Excuse Goal:Be fit

    30 Day Do It: Run at least 30 minutes each day

  • Good Excuse Goal:Bring your weight down to 75 Kg

    30 Day Do It: Eat right, exercise right, walk at night - daily

  • Good Excuse Goal:Go 30 days without eating meat

    30 Day Do It: Do not eat meat every day for a month

  • Good Excuse Goal:Exercise, I do feel good. So why not?

    30 Day Do It: Practice kung Fu daily

  • Good Excuse Goal:Do kung Fu at least 4 days a week. (Did it every day! <3)

    30 Day Do It: days i don't work (Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday)

  • Good Excuse Goal:Go to the 20 days of temporary Yoga classes before I get the $ for kung Fu

    30 Day Do It: Do it on Mondays @ 3pm, Fridays @ 3 pm, and Sundays @ 10 am. After do it in school it's free on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Incha Allah.


  • Good Excuse Goal:Fulfill on all 2011 MVMT Guidebook Goals

    30 Day Do It: Complete one action on all Creative Goals from MVMT Guidebook

  • Good Excuse Goal:Improve on making tutorials. Be able to talk to the computer and explain context/tasks (tutorials) non-awkwardly. Plus have a bunch of tutorials on youtube by the end of the month.

    30 Day Do It: Make a tutorial video every day

  • Good Excuse Goal:I deserve to be eloquent.

    30 Day Do It: Write an 8 line poem, every day for 30 days

  • Good Excuse Goal:Visualize my dreams

    30 Day Do It: Visualize my big dreams every day (A to Z). I have time now.

  • Good Excuse Goal:Save at least $500 for mom.

    30 Day Do It: Save at least $100 per net pay.

  • Good Excuse Goal:Try again, read automotive terms, spend time with my sisters, get ready for my first ASE Inchah Allah.

    30 Day Do It: I believe in myself !


  • Good Excuse Goal:I want Laliam's Creativity Center to be a globally recognized establishment.

    30 Day Do It: Use my social media skills and network abilities and spend 7 hours (1h/day) per week dedicated to specifically promote Laliam's Creativity Center.

  • Good Excuse Goal:Call people often

    30 Day Do It: Every 3 months

  • Good Excuse Goal:Always have an emergency saving of $300 in checking account

    30 Day Do It: Save $50 bi-weekly

  • Good Excuse Goal:Call people and repair relationships

    30 Day Do It: Every 90 days everyone in Niger


  • Good Excuse Goal:Save 45% bi-weely (30% for mom's house, 10% savings, 5% tuition)

    30 Day Do It: Save 45% bi-weekly.

  • Good Excuse Goal:No spending $ for 2 weeks

    30 Day Do It: Write down anything I want to buy and what I saved.

  • Good Excuse Goal:Save 45% of net pay

    30 Day Do It: Save now.


  • Good Excuse Goal:Fast 12 days this month

    30 Day Do It: Fast on the weekend. I did half only :(


  • Good Excuse Goal:Get ITIL certification

    30 Day Do It: Study for ITIL daily for 1/2 Hr

  • Good Excuse Goal:Get more knowledge about website

    30 Day Do It: Learn CodeIgniter 1 hour per day

  • Good Excuse Goal:Eliminate distraction

    30 Day Do It: Finish my tasks before fun.

  • Good Excuse Goal:"Too much videos", the excuse but I have time.

    30 Day Do It: Record at least 4 Educator videos daily.(Math/Comp.Sci./Chemistry/Physics)

  • Good Excuse Goal:Educator take all videos

    30 Day Do It: I can do it this month!

  • Good Excuse Goal:Graduation

    30 Day Do It: GRADUATE IN 2013

  • Good Excuse Goal:Get 100% only for any course.

    30 Day Do It: I want to be on top!

  • Good Excuse Goal:Be on the Dean's List

    30 Day Do It: Diligent hands make it happen, lazy hands give less of anything.

  • Good Excuse Goal:Graduate

    30 Day Do It: $100 for mom, $100 a mosque,$100 to U.S.A Shaoling Temple, and $100 toTzu Chi. Volunteer for a month anything.

  • Good Excuse Goal:Do basics for math, coding (MATLAB + computer science)

    30 Day Do It: 15 minutes a day

  • Good Excuse Goal:Practice Physics for 3 hours no breaks every day

    30 Day Do It: Practice makes perfect, right?

  • Good Excuse Goal:Get smarter

    30 Day Do It: Playing mindgames everyday.

  • Good Excuse Goal:Get at least one grade of 100% in Physics (Yay! I got 2).

    30 Day Do It: Get 90%-100% only


  • Good Excuse Goal:Spend time with my sisters when home!

    30 Day Do It: Don't live in my room go to them with my stuff, laptop, books, whatever or go to their room.


  • Good Excuse Goal:Get married

    30 Day Do It: Find my soul mate. I will know him when I see him Incha Allah.


  • Good Excuse Goal:Pay for my lousy grade, I got better but it;s not a 100% I promised the professor. do 118 cartwheels .

    30 Day Do It: Do 118 cartwheels at the nearest beach before 2014. More Chi!

Things To Stop

  • Good Excuse Goal:Being able to live without smartphone.

    30 Day Do It: Putting my iphone4 in my drawer and check it only once a day.

  • Good Excuse Goal:Do not study at night! I watched drama and animes. I stopped horror, thanks Allah!

    30 Day Do It: Study early, not have fun or whatever, sleep early and be early the next day

  • Good Excuse Goal:No Television and no internet for fun. Study or sleep!

    30 Day Do It: Sleep before work