Good Excuse Goals (TM) is an event-based goal-setting strategy that leverages the power of purpose, people, and programming to help you achieve your goals in less time. By simply changing the sequence of events that make up the goal setting and goal achievement process, you can significantly increase the likelihood that you will achieve any goal you set. The main differences between old goals and Good Excuse Goals are as follows:

Principles: GXG Goals vs Old Goals

GXG Goals Principles Old Goals Principles
Step 1. PURPOSE: Truly EVALUATE Why? Wow!
30 Days (i.e. Every 3rd Thursday) 365 Days (i.e. Birthday or New Year’s)
12 Small New Month’s Resolutions A Few Big New Year’s Resolutions
Step 2. PEOPLE: Plan to CELEBRATE Event-Based Date-Based
Celebrate On… Celebrate If…
Public & Peers Private & Personal
Step 3. PROGRAM: Self-MOTIVATE Goal-Setting Ends with Starting Goal-Setting Ends with Writing
Input Focused Outcome Focused

Good Excuse Goal setting will transform the way you set goals and eliminate your excuse. It will help you end procrastination and perfectionism. It will help you develop a healthy rhythm for your life that allows you to accomplish 12 powerful things in a year rather than nothing at all. It will help you create a support system for yourself and your goals through community accountability. It will help you accomplish whatever it is that you want. I developed the Good Excuse Goals book as a quick and easy to use system for you to accomplish your goals. In fact, this book was written in 30 days using the same goal setting process that I’m going to teach you.