The mission of the 30 Day Do It is to create the world’s largest and most effective goal setting movement and end the concept of New Year’s Resolutions by introducing the idea of New Month’s Resolutions. The premise is that we should set goals every 30 days in small groups. New Year’s Resolutions don’t work. The methodology is based on Good Excuse Goals: How to End Procrastination & Perfectionism Forever.


I had a parent who was an alcoholic and many of the principles of the 30 Day Do It come from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). I think that AA is the best personal development organization in the world—It has helped millions of people change their lives through community support, meaning through sponsorship, and spiritual connection. The only thing is that people only gain access to AA after the problem. Similar to AA, want to initiate a movement around people supporting one another to achieve their goals. I believe that AA is the best personal development organization to date, helping millions of people stay sober and I want to apply their model to your goals. I’ve had family members deal with alcoholism so I know.

Like AA, I believe that personal development isn’t always personal and that the collective accountability of a group creates an expectation of success and support. Good Excuse Goals is a group-based for of goal setting that will give you the motivated to move toward alignment with your higher purpose in life and goals.

30 Day Do It Movement compared to Alcoholics Anonymous

Good Excuse Goals Alcoholics Anonymous
GOAL Purpose-filled Alcohol-free
TIMING Before addiction (preventative) After addiction (reactive)
ELEMENTS Supportive community, personal meaning, accountability to greatness Supportive community, personal meaning, spiritual grounding
PARTNERS Close friends walking similar paths Other alcoholics who have walked similar paths
PROCESS 8 Cylinders of Success 12 Steps Program
RELATIONSHIP Evaluate relationships to purpose and life Evaluate relationships to alcohol and life
FREQUENCY Monthly Every day
STORY TELLING Where I am and where I want to (forward looking) Where I was and where I am now (backward looking)
REQUIREMENT Desire to change and say “yes” to purpose Desire to change and say “no” to alcoholism
BASIS purpose-based problem-based