30 Day Do It Programs Featured — 07 June 2011
30 Day Gratitude Challenge

30 Day Gratitude Challenge”
I invite you to be apart of a 30 Day Challenge to “Focus On Gratitude” for 15 minutes twice per day (once in the morning and once in the evening) while keeping a Journal during the 30 day process. The challenge Starts Sunday June 12 through July 12. Your invited to post and share your comments and insights through out the 30 days here on the Event Page.

As we Open up to the energy of Gratitude we allow Love to come in.. This Divine energy has the ability to bring peace, harmony & clarity to all situations. As we open up to it we are shown areas where we can be more patient, forgiving & compassionate. Most of the time these areas of compassion have more to do with our own misconceptions rather than the beliefs that others need to change. When we accept a change in our own perceptions we change our focus. And, when we change our focus we are able to see the beauty in what was always there.

I chose the Butterfly photo for this post because it represents “Change/Metamorphosis” . I believe in the power of the Divine (which is apart of us all) to move in a might way in our lives to facilitate positive change in our attitudes, personal perspectives, relationships, finances, all affairs and in our world. ♥ ~Angela Jackson~

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